Staying Focused

It’s exactly one week until Christmas.  Hopefully, most of us have finished Christmas shopping and decorating. By now we should be wrapping  presents and planning our Christmas meals.  There are always last minute gifts or so we rationalize. There are the purchases for the aunt, uncle or cousin that decides to show up at the last minute. It is a challenge to know when to quit making purchases so I have determined that if it has not been purchased by now, the week before Christmas, then it is probably not necessary.  I decided years ago to buy a few extra things that would work in a pinch to give to a male or female in the event that someone came unannounced or gave me a gift and I had not planned to give one in return.  I have tried not to let guilt motivate me to overspend each year.  I try not to impress by gift-giving.  I try to be practical with gifts as I am in my every day purchasing. I try not to be overindulgent and spend impulsively.  No one really needs something that they will wear only at Christmas time, a tacky gift just for laughs or the extra pounds that come with overeating food that is rich and unhealthy.  I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge or a tightwad but I truly am trying to keep my focus on Jesus the giver instead of all the gifts.

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