I Believe

UntitledThe phrase “I believe” is fairly common around the holidays. It is commonly known to be a belief in Santa Claus and is a famous line from The Miracle on 34th Street. It also shows an openness or willingness by people to believe in the birth of Jesus.  I think that holiday time brings out the child in most of us, a vulnerability and level of faith when God can speak to us. We have more expectations during Christmas to believe in miracles or unexpected blessings when everything and everyone around us is merry and bright. It is an opportunity for Christians to open up conversations asking others what they believe.

The challenge is to keep this childlike faith or belief system throughout the rest of the year.  I want to still believe in miracles and look for God in unexpected ways when the world is cold and the merriment is gone. We need the spirit of giving when we are back to the monotony of everyday life, sentiments are low and the bills have to be paid.  Christmas has a way of emboldening us to step out of our comfort zones to do things for others that we wouldn’t do during the rest of the year.  We need to hold on to that philanthropic spirit all year and show that we still believe in God through the witness that we live out every day before others.

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