My Third Book

There is still more to my story. In my first two books, I shared memories of my childhood and of raising my own children. I had not written about meeting my husband, getting married, setting up housekeeping in our early years of marriage and the many lessons we learned along the way. My last book addresses these topics and completes the series as a trilogy.

It is a love story that should be told. Our story may seem old-fashioned by today’s standards, yet I feel many aspects of our relationship and approach to dating are important to consider. The way many seek love in today’s society is far removed from the past since many resort to online dating sites which offer a whole array of challenges and are very superficial in nature. Many feel threatened to set up a safe meeting and must trust that profiling information is truthful. Once a contact is made, conversing through texting alone inhibits the growth of a genuine relationship. Many have become stunted by this form of social interaction and are hindered to develop to a level of sincere commitment. They may have become damaged by inappropriateness or rude behavior by those who have abused this avenue of social connection. Ghosting is a new phenomenon where people disappear without any explanation after initial contact at the expense and disappointment of others who think there may be a possible connection. No-show dates are also too frequent and show little respect or consideration for others.

Our story is one of hope. There is hope for those desiring a meaningful relationship with the special someone that God has set aside for them. You must not settle or compromise your faith or Christian beliefs. You must find that person that also wants to have a relationship built upon the foundation of Christ. It may take some time. Dating websites for Christian couples are minimal. My husband and I met in church. Many young people were attending churches in the 1970s. We need a revival again among the young. If they return to God and go back to church, then the opportunities to meet others seeking relationships in churches will also grow.

You can now obtain a copy of A Union Sent from Heaven: Dry Toast Meets Savory Grecian Flavoring published by Dorrance Publishing at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Books A Million.

Here is a video showing me opening up the package when I received my first copy! I was pleasantly surprised! I filmed it in one take. Disregard that I said the image was backwards as I was looking at the selfie image on my smartphone. Always learning!