My Second Book

My second book was actually written a long time ago.  I began writing stories from my childhood when my own children were young. During their naps or early to bed routines, I sat down with a yellow pad and pen and scribbled down memories from my own life growing up. These shadowed images from days gone by came back to my mind often while I watched my son and daughter play together.

I included insights and ideas from my childhood of home-made or handcrafted toys that kept me entertained. This was intentional as I wanted to create awareness over the overuse of electronic devices among children in modern society which have sadly replaced much of their playtime. In the formative years of childhood, young minds and emotions are most easily influenced and need to be nurtured  in different and positive ways to help broaden imaginations and foster creativity.  Though internet searches can be very educational, I am suggesting that children are better off waiting until they are  more mature before they begin using technological devices and falling under their heavily addictive spell.

My experience writing my second book was a positive one.  It was easier to understand the more technical aspects of the submission process with IUniverse since I had self-published a book before. I chose a different publishing company to develop a broader audience base.

The Checkerboard Quilt: A Memory Collage of My 1960s Childhood can be ordered through AmazonBarnes and Nobles, Books A Million, IUniverse, or IndieBound.  It is also available as an ebook.