About Me

Hi! I’m Susanne. Welcome to my blog. I am happy to share with you a very special part of my life.  Blogging has evolved for me over several years. I began a personal blog as a catalyst in writing my books. Those posts were in sequence as in a diary. Here, in my published blog,  I began by posting decorating and crafts projects that I have undertaken. I have posted numerous gardening successes at our home. There are some random posts mixed in between. Now I record my most meaningful thoughts as they come to me.   Many of these ideas come in the middle of the night when I am sleepless. I stumble to the laptop to record them and relieve my mind of its restless stirrings.  Hopefully, I can inspire you to find a new hobby or can encourage you in a positive way through my life experiences.

We glorify God through using the talents that He has given us.  Colossians 3:23 says “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.” God has blessed me as I have followed His lead by embarking on artistic endeavors and writing stories. I know that He wants to do the same in a unique way through you!

This blog includes leisure activities that have given me pleasure. It includes images that stir up nostalgic feelings from the past. It includes stories that have emerged from deep inside as I have trudged through my life.  All of this is meant to hopefully encourage all that find their way here.

I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to share your ideas or feedback.


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