The Salvation Army Bellringers

As I was running errands this past week, I noticed several Salvation Army bellringers stationed at different locations in my town. There was one in front of the grocery store on the most frigid day that we have had around here in quite some time.  She was bundled up in multiple layers of clothing.  I was grumpily complaining to myself that I could not find a parking spot closer to the store. I dashed from my car towards the store and passed her near the store’s entrance.  I felt rather convicted that I was more concerned about my own comfort than helping others.  I dug into my purse for some coins to relieve my guilt.

Later in the week I came across another bellringer in front of our local Hobby Lobby store.  It was another cold day and I was greeted again by a volunteer with the most pleasant disposition. She was also layered from head to toe to provide her with some warmth for the many hours that she would have to stand there. I contemplated how someone could have such a courteous and unselfish attitude despite the personal discomfort she must have felt.

As I was leaving the store, she was still standing there. She passed along a blessing as I put some loose change in her bucket.  As I got in my car, I looked back at her. She never stopped smiling or ringing her bell and even began singing. She seemed happier than any shopper that I had come across throughout the day. Perhaps she had a secret that many don’t know. I am sure she closely knew her Savior.

We are truly more blessed through giving to others than we are in getting for ourselves.  It was a timely reminder around Thanksgiving to be thankful to God for all the many ways He has blessed us and be mindful of others who are less fortunate.

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