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In Hibernation Mode


The ice on the trees glistens in the sun and is a breathtaking sight.


The ornamental kale is especially beautiful covered with snow.


The snow is melting in the afternoon sun but I caught a photo in my yard before it is all gone.


















People ask me if I like cold weather or snow days here in the south.  I typically say that I don’t because we often get ice mixed with snow which can make driving conditions hazardous. I really don’t like rushing at the last-minute to the grocery store to find one of the last loaves of bread or cartons of milk . I don’t like standing in a long line to make my purchases then fighting traffic to hurry home before the winter storm hits.

The first day, it is fun to watch the snow coming down which is often a rare occurrence here in South Carolina. I go outside with my dog for short walks and enjoy the scenery  which looks vastly different with a white blanket. I may try to build a snowman, although with little precipitation, it is often a failed attempt. I take photos to send to friends in Florida or for northerners to get a laugh out of  the “big  snow that shut down everything”. I lug out the snow boots, hats, scarves, gloves and hooded coat for a short trek in the woods. After they have dried out, I  store all the single-use winter paraphernalia that we had to have for Christmas  until next year.  The muddy walks with the dog leave the floors dirty and they must be cleaned up multiple times. I  exhaust myself with all this activity and  fall in a heap in my big easy chair to warm myself by the gas-powered fireplace. I  sip on a fresh cup of hot coffee or tea. I  take in a movie from Netflix. I  dig out a book that I have recently purchased but haven’t had time to devour.

I say I don’t like the snow or cold weather. However, I really don’t mind being stuck indoors and having uninterrupted time to work on projects that I have put off until one day. I enjoy planning and dreaming of gardening projects to tackle come the first signs of spring. During long sessions when I am sitting I may even  indulge myself in a brief cat nap. I get some time to rest and relax from the busyness of the past Christmas and New Year festivities . I find myself in hibernation mode and finally have time to think, reflect and focus my thoughts.

I think I like an occasional snow day after all.



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Wintry Days

100_3068We have had icy weather here in South Carolina the last couple days.  It is beautiful to look at sparkly trees and a landscape that is covered with ice.  The world outside has become a crystal wonderland.  Although breathtaking to look at,  it doesn’t take long before it becomes a nuisance to us when we try to resume our normal routines.

Southerners typically don’t do well when it comes to wintry weather.  We don’t know how to drive in it.  We don’t know how to handle  long periods of time when we are cooped up indoors.   It’s fun at first to be huddled inside together, watching the precipitation coming down, viewing Netflix movies and cleaning out the cupboards.  However, it quickly grows old and begins to lose its charm.

We grow tired of taking the dog out in the cold, bundling up for  just a few minutes to brave cold temperatures. It becomes exhausting to put on hats, coats, scarves and boots all of which must come off again when we go back inside.  The paraphernalia piles up creating a mess by the back door.  The trash also begins to pile up because no one wants to go out in the cold to take it to the trash can outside. The carpet becomes soggy from all the traffic coming in and out from the snow and ice.  The house becomes messy and chaotic quickly.  We all get cabin fever by day two and are ready to escape the confinement which we relished at first.

In our southern climate, we are conditioned to being outdoor people with exposure to large amounts of sunshine. If we stay inside too long, we start to grumble and complain.  There is a lesson in there somewhere that God is trying to teach us. It is a lesson on patience and learning to be content in whatever situation we find ourselves.

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The Salvation Army Bellringers

As I was running errands this past week, I noticed several Salvation Army bellringers stationed at different locations in my town. There was one in front of the grocery store on the most frigid day that we have had around here in quite some time.  She was bundled up in multiple layers of clothing.  I was grumpily complaining to myself that I could not find a parking spot closer to the store. I dashed from my car towards the store and passed her near the store’s entrance.  I felt rather convicted that I was more concerned about my own comfort than helping others.  I dug into my purse for some coins to relieve my guilt.

Later in the week I came across another bellringer in front of our local Hobby Lobby store.  It was another cold day and I was greeted again by a volunteer with the most pleasant disposition. She was also layered from head to toe to provide her with some warmth for the many hours that she would have to stand there. I contemplated how someone could have such a courteous and unselfish attitude despite the personal discomfort she must have felt.

As I was leaving the store, she was still standing there. She passed along a blessing as I put some loose change in her bucket.  As I got in my car, I looked back at her. She never stopped smiling or ringing her bell and even began singing. She seemed happier than any shopper that I had come across throughout the day. Perhaps she had a secret that many don’t know. I am sure she closely knew her Savior.

We are truly more blessed through giving to others than we are in getting for ourselves.  It was a timely reminder around Thanksgiving to be thankful to God for all the many ways He has blessed us and be mindful of others who are less fortunate.

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