Update on “Dog”

It has been five days since Obi came to live with my son (I’ll bet you guessed which name would win out.)

He is a sweet and docile pup. He cowers a little when you reach down to touch him. Perhaps he had been abused. He and my son have become best buddies. He doesn’t bark much except for the first few minutes when Ethan leaves for work. He is quiet throughout the night. His appetite has definitely improved. He seems happy and glad to be “home” at last.

Ethan found him on top of the stove after a brief run to the store. He is a climber and got on top of a chair to reach the counter top. He will have to be crated for now to keep him safe until we can determine his level of cleverness or Houdini talents when we are away.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound! I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see!

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