A Wonderful Thrift Store Find

I have been visiting thrift stores lately. I began with the incentive to donate things I no longer want or use yet the thrill of the hunt is too tempting to avoid. I began stepping inside a few shops to just take a peak. It is amazing to me what people throw away. Truly, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. What one may be tired of is just the thing to give someone else’s room a refresh.

I discovered that right after Christmas is a good time to peruse thrift store aisles. Most of us try to make room for new Christmas presents and become motivated to clear out our old stuff in the process.

Here is a little gem that I found in my most recent trip to the thrift store in my town. It is too large to frame so I plan on hanging it from a magnetic wooden hanger. It needs a little restoration on areas of chipped paint but it is a real oil painting on canvas. I love the details of the birds and trees.

I’ll bet your wondering how much I paid for this treasure…only $15 which is great considering it is the size of a mural and measures from the floor to the top of my door frame.

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