Early Christmas Decorating In 2020

I have begun decorating my house for Christmas the earliest ever this year. I always vowed before that I would never bring out Christmas decorations, play carols or watch holiday movies before Thanksgiving. I never want to skip over or rush through Thanksgiving as it is important to set aside time to honor God and contemplate His faithfulness throughout the year.

2020 has been a difficult year, like no other. At times, it has left me feeling very discouraged and hopeless because of the chaos going on in our nation. I want to find relief for my heavy heart so I am giving myself permission to celebrate and do things differently this year. To find a sense of joy in the midst of all the doom and gloom I have begun bringing out seasonal decorations to bring some cheer to my home for our family gathering at Thanksgiving. Our Christmas tree will be filled with some fall and Christmas colors to blend and transition from autumn to winter. The greenery and lights will make things feel more warm, cozy and festive.

I think others share in this same sentiment. I have noticed neighbors bringing outside decorations early to uplift their own as well as others’ spirits during this very dark season in our nation’s history. Perhaps we need a little Christ-mas to help us remember happier days and to remind us to keep staying thankful.

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