I Think I’ll Call Them Flutter and Tweet

A strange thing has happened at my house this last week. I have noticed two wrens nestled on either side outside the window of my banquette. It has occurred twice just around dark. I first noticed something small, brown and fluffy in the window as I was doing dishes. I can see this window opposite my window above the sink.

When I first spied them, I ran to get a flashlight so that I could make out what it was. With a bright spotlight focused on the ledge, I saw two wrens huddled in each corner of the window. We have had stormy weather this past week from a passing hurricane in Florida but have had unusually warm temperatures for the first of November. The birds can’t be seeking warmth because it isn’t cold outside. Perhaps they are seeking shelter due to a change in the atmosphere with wind and rain from the storm.

My neighbor put up two fake owls outside her house on a window and on the deck railing the last few weeks. I have wondered why and have not had a chance to ask her about it. I figured since she has wooden siding that she is trying to scare away woodpeckers. Only, now I wonder if they are scaring other birds too. Are these wrens reacting to the fake owls that face my kitchen window and are within 100 feet of our house?

In the photo you can see the neighbor’s cat trying to make friends with the owl. Apparently, she is not afraid of the new additions to the house at all.

I wonder if these little creatures are here to stay and will become permanent nighttime visitors. I don’t mind. They are rather cute. I look forward to seeing them each evening. Perhaps there is a lesson for me in their visitation during a very unusual week.

This past week’s tumultuous presidential election has been very unsettling. The future of our country seems even more unpredictable and scary if we have more change with a new administration. The past year has been difficult enough with COVID, racial tensions, rioting and political unrest. All I can do is pray and continue trusting in God to save us, lead us and hold us up in the future.

These birds seem to have found a safe spot to cuddle where they feel secure. If there is an impending storm, predators both real or imagined, or an unwelcome change coming they seem to know just what to do. They hunker down when it is dark and hold fast until the storm passes and the light comes forth again.

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