My Quilt Is Finally Finished

I went with my mother to pick up the old family quilt today.  For those who have been following my blog, you will remember that I took a tattered old quilt to be restored in the fall of 2013. You can see the before and after pictures to see how much work was done to the quilt from the salvaged old remnants.

I called the quilt shop numerous times throughout its progress to find out how it was coming along. I had to be patient for quilting takes a long time and is very tedious work. Finally, after Christmas I found out that it was ready.

My mother and I were very excited to see the finished work as well as gain some new insights into our family’s history.The transformation is amazing. There were paper scraps from old letters sewn into the back of the quilt. These were saved for me. You can see that I have been trying to sort the letter scraps by handwriting. Some of the dates I found were from 1945 through 1951 so the quilting was done over a span of several years by my great, great aunt.100_3006100_3007100_3009100_3010100_3013

Many thanks to Diane at  QBee Quilts in Charlotte, North Carolina.  You did an outstanding job!

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  1. Joan Y. Edwards

    Dear Suzanne, This looks good. I’d like to see a photo of yours where the books are. Or one of your favorite past times. But you’ll decide that!

    Celebrate you!
    Never Give Up


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