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Trip To Ridgeway, South Carolina


Ridgeway water tower


Antiques on display in a storefront window.


Kitties on stairway in tea room.


My surprise visit with the queen.

My husband and I enjoyed another sunny Saturday touring or driving around some backwoods towns of South Carolina. My husband is a real estate appraiser and needed to take some pictures of a property out in the country.  I went along for the ride to Ridgeway. It is a quaint town and takes you back in time.  There are a couple antique stores.  One sells an unusual collection of oddities.  The shop owner had a large display of antique dolls when I was there but she says she constantly changes her inventory.  There is a cafe in a restored old gas station as well as a wonderful tea room on Main Street.  For such a small town there is a surprising variety of sights of interest.  You must however, visit the stores before 2 pm on a Saturday for they close early. Continue reading

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A Fun Day Antiquing


Here is a framed needlework sampler that I found to add to my collection.


Here is a cute little metal jewelry stand. There are lots of holes in the lines of the skirt to hang the earrings that I make. It would be great for another craft show display.


The wooden ladder will be perfect to drape my quilt over against a tall wall in our guest room.

My husband and I explored  an antique mall that was new to us yesterday.  When Saturdays are cold or wintry we like to ride in the car looking for antique stores in our region.  We have discovered the best ones within a 50 mile radius. This one was in Belmont, North Carolina and is called the Catawba Antique Mall.  The warehouse contained over  88,000 square feet of booth spaces.  Vendors displayed rustic, retro, french inspired and repurposed antiques. Whatever your taste in decor, you could find almost anything you like. It was amazing! Here are my finds.  The best item was a wooden ladder that I plan on using to display my newly restored quilt. Upon my restoration expert’s advice, I will spray paint it first with an acrylic spray to avoid any discoloration from the wood onto the fabrics. Stay tuned for the finished results.


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Recent Thrift Store Purchases

My husband is good to me.  He allows me to explore antique or thrift stores on occasion.  It is good that he likes to rummage through these stores like me. He collects view master reels.  It is his way of escape. I can’t complain too much for it is a cheap way of taking a vacation to places around the world.  What a guy! On our last outing together, I spotted these miniature oil paintings.  They were only $6 a piece so I knew I had to have them and would find an interesting way to display them. On the back of the paintings, it says “original oil painting by Tara”.  Apparently, they are pretty collectable and I found a  real 102_2699102_2705treasure.  I promise to show you how I hung them up once I complete the project.

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