Fill your long, lazy days of summer with book reading pleasure!

I have written three books. The third one in the trilogy is now available. It is entitled A Union Sent from Heaven: Dry Toast Meets Savory Grecian Seasoning. It would be suitable for young women who are single, brides to be or are already married. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift. It shares dating stories from the 1970s and early 80s when I met my husband. Yes, it is G-rated. I share about being in college and being a newlywed. How many young people today have experienced that? It was challenging to say the least to keep up with studies while being a newlywed and learning to live with a spouse. We had a tight budget, so scrimped to stay afloat. My husband had a part-time job, we shared domestic chores and cooking, plus lived in a cramped apartment in married student housing quarters. We spent later years of marriage renovating houses. We developed an eye for real estate that had potential and worked to upgrade houses along with the growing needs of our family. We appreciate the sweat equity and expense involved in making a house into a home.

My second book would be a perfect summer read for elementary aged children. The Checkerboard Quilt: A Memory Collage of My 1960s Childhood is a must read for young girls. I reveal stories about things I enjoyed doing while growing up in the 1960s way before cell phones and computers. We played outdoors, free from the fear of lurking predators. We rode our bikes to friends’ houses and through our neighborhood. We learned to entertain ourselves by creating our own toys and games. I amused myself with different craft or sewing projects. On treasure hunts I discovered old interesting items in my grandparents’ basement or collected plants, bugs or flowers in their garden.

My first book, Bagpipes, Planes and Strings: A Woman’s Journey in Letting Go is for the middle-aged woman experiencing the empty nest syndrome. Perhaps your child has just graduated from high school or is at some crossroads where he or she will be taking a challenging new first step. Children grow up, go off to college or begin to spread their wings of independence. As a mother, it is difficult to experience this change. During middle age, women can experience loss for the first time, go through changes in their health, their family dynamics or may lose a loved one or parent. These can be very difficult years. I hope my story can be an encouragement to those trying to navigate these dark days. There is hope on the other side. My faith in Christ carried me through a painful journey. He healed me and gave me strength with which I hope to exhort others experiencing many of the same things.

If you would like to buy a copy of my books, you can go to, Barnes and Noble or BAM-Books-A-Million. For the new book, A Union Sent from Heaven, you can go to Rose Dog Books to get the first off the press copies.

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