Diamonds In The Rough

Man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart.-1 Samuel 16:7. We are too quick to judge people because of how they look in this world. All that glitters is indeed not gold.

Looking at a person’s character is of greater worth. It takes time to see the real person. It takes a while to know a person. We are great masqueraders or impersonators. It has become an art to hide behind exterior facades, so that others won’t suspect we are weak or insecure. It is a coping device to put on the tough exterior.

God is not finished with us. He keeps allowing circumstances in life to perfect us by chipping away a little at a time at the rough outer edges- IF WE WILL ALLOW HIM.

We could go fighting and kicking all the way or we can surrender to His will and His ways which are not often what we want or imagine. His ways are higher, and not our ways. He sees the finished work, the beautiful masterpiece at the end of the sculpting or perfecting process. We may not want to endure the sometimes painful process of going through the refiner’s fire but it will well be worth it on that day when He says it is done and He is pleased with the final result.

Take time to look past the rough edges or exterior today of others. Try to see their heart. You will be surprised at the beauty that lies underneath in those who have yielded to His masterful workmanship.

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