Isaiah 40:3-5 A scripture study

I am involved with a ladies’ bible study. Currently we are reading the book of Matthew. In the third chapter, there is a reference to Isaiah 40:3-5. It was a prophetic scripture from the Old Testament foretelling the appearance of John the Baptist in the New Testament. In Matthew, the first book of the gospels, we see John arrive. He is the voice in the wilderness declaring Jesus as messiah. He was a forerunner, a herald or a harbinger for Jesus. He would soon step aside, yielding his calling to the greater work and message of salvation that Jesus would bring.

In Matthew 3:2 John preaches to “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” It is a bold message. He doesn’t hold back for political correctness or out of fear of offending people. It is an urgent message with the need for an immediate response. Time is of the essence. This is true today. We must realize the urgency of the hour and the need for bold and convicting messages for the lost to repent and embrace salvation through Jesus.

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In Isaiah 40: 3 “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.” To make a path straight means to embrace holiness and avoid evil. A crooked path could lead many off course and into utter ruin and doom but a straight path would allow ease or freedom of movement that is unrestricted or unhindered. It would be a safe path where obstructions would not trip up or cause people to stumble. A level plot of land is more desirable than a slope. As a gardener, I understand this well as it is easier to maneuver and make beds on a level surface. The productivity level is greatly amplified where there is level ground.

Another meaning of crooked is dishonest or illegal. That is to say the opposite, that to be straight is to be honest and filled with integrity. That should be our goal as Christians to have no room for questioning our motives or sincerity in all business, political or personal dealings.

This is food for thought and there is much meat here on which to contemplate and meditate. Focusing and studying the Word of God allows His truth to change us!

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