Growing An Ornamental Vegetable Garden

I have always been a lover of flowers and flowering shrubs. Through the years, I have dabbled with a few herbs here and there like rosemary or lavender since they are hardy, add some interesting texture and scent. Yet, I have never really been interested in growing vegetables. My attempts at growing tomatoes have mostly resulted in failure due to the dreaded black spot fungal disease which affects many plants because of high humidity in the south.

I have vowed to try again this year. Perhaps it is due to sticker shock at the grocery store. Perhaps, I have been inspired by beautiful potager gardens on recently viewed gardening vlogs. Whatever, the reason, when I was at the local home store, this week, I grabbed a few vegetables to try once again.

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I picture growing trailing varieties like squash and cucumbers up French inspired obelisks in an artful display along the sunny border of my yard. I already have a couple volunteer pumpkin plants starting to grow there where I had left fall pumpkins to decay. This spring, I noticed sprouts emerging under a dried out pumpkin that was really a gourd. Last October, I purchased some pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch sponsored by a church. I fell in love with two pumpkins, one white and the other light pink to set out on my front porch for a lovely autumn pop of color. They should become some very interesting specimen plants for my new vegetable garden.

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