Melancholy Christmas Music

I am busy today cooking for Christmas Eve festivities with my family. I am chopping up veggies to go with dip. I am cooking chicken to make a chicken cilantro bisque soup. While at the counter chopping away, I have the Youtube channel on a medley of old Christmas songs from the 60’s. All of a sudden my emotions well up within me as I remember songs from that era during my childhood. My father was a classical cellist. He was always busy during Christmas playing in churches and symphonies. His love for music ran deep. He especially loved songs by Perry Como, Nat King Cole and Andy Williams at Christmas.

I was stirred when I heard one of my father’s favorites. It was entitled “Hark Now Here The Angels Sing.” The words expound on the true reason why we celebrate Christmas. We need to reflect on the peace and hope that Jesus offers. There are many divided throughout our country due to the pandemic and political debates. Many have gotten way off-track and want to squelch any joy found through Christ and Christmas.

Up until now, I have done well holding it together. I guess I have tried staying busy to avoid thoughts of the sad state of our country and world. Music has a way of cutting through the barriers. If we allow it, it can bring healing by allowing our emotions to surface. We need to cry sometimes, for the health of our mental state as it is unhealthy to bury our feelings.

Musicians throughout history poured our their hearts through music. Listen to the songs of the 40s during World War II or the 60s during the Vietnam. Many were inspired to offer us hope for the future. Christmas especially is a time when we look for hope. We reflect upon the past year and are ready to embrace the new year with a fresh perspective and determination to right wrongs from the past and make a better future. Something about human nature has this will-power and resilience. Yet, as soldiers of the cross, we must reflect on Christ coming down to earth to bring salvation to the world. The great commission has charged us while we are here to offer His gift to as many as will receive it.

If you are reading this and don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He wants to offer you hope in the future because of His great love for you. He has a plan and purpose for your life. His gift is free if you will only accept it. Ask Him today to be your Lord, and to forgive you for your sins. He alone can offer you a hope that can not be found in this world.

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