Adding Pops of Color To My Garden

This is the second gardening season at my new house. I am still working on the bones, so to speak,of my garden. It is helpful to get familiar with sunny and shady spots in your yard as well as challenging soil conditions. I am beginning to learn this about my new yard.

We began with some basic foundational plants last year. Now, I am ready to add some pops of color. I love yellow and chartreuse colored plants. I think they brighten up a bed significantly. I have been scouring the gardening centers for several weeks. I am finally beginning to see plants with interesting variations in yellow. Most of the plants I have found have partial sun requirements which is good for my yard where I have lots of trees and shady areas. Sometimes you will be successful by experimenting and stretching the recommended requirements just a bit.

Creeping Jenny

I have a few yellow to chartreuse plants already in my yard. I brought some Creeping Jenny from my last yard. I planted some Sunshine Ligustrum beside the house and some Lemon Coral Sedum by the front walkway last fall. I added some yellow heuchera to the front bed. The last few weeks I have been scouring the gardening centers for new plants with yellow foliage. I found dwarf Gold Mop Cypress, False Holly Goshiki, and Miss Lemon Abelia at Home Depot. I have been making bi- weekly visits as their spring shipments have been coming in. I found some variegated sweet flag at a center in an adjoining town.

Lemon Coral Sedum
Miss Lemon Abelia
False Holly Goshiki

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