Leftover Food Challenges

Are you guys having the same challenges as I am when it comes to eating your leftovers?  I have never been a huge fan of eating the same meal for days on end.  Food often was wasted in the past because my family is somewhat picky. If it wasn’t that great the first time, I surely could not interest them in it on day two or three.

Here is one particular dish with which I had success. On a cold, rainy day two days ago, I decided to make vegetable soup to increase our vegetable intake and to beef up our immune systems.  My concoction included both tomatoes and a crumbled up beef patty along with whatever vegetables I could find.  I added part of a bag of frozen mixed vegetables which I always try to keep on hand.  I had a few potatoes and a bag of spinach so added some of each of those also.  The broth was a blend of canned beef broth, water and tomato juice from the can of tomatoes.  A recipe online called for some curry, bay leaves and red pepper flakes. I also sautéed onion, celery, carrots and garlic to add to the broth. These seasonings gave it a little kick.

To complete the meal, I whipped up a loaf of banana nut bread.  I had been putting bananas in the freezer when they were starting to spoil with this scrumptious treat in mind.  I discovered the traces of walnut crumbs in the bottom of a container and some dried cranberries in my pantry.  I added these in to the dough for an extra measure of healthy ingredients.IMAG1428 (2)

This meal was quite tasty on this particular cooler weather day.  Now, two days later, I have been eyeing the dish of soup in the refrigerator. I am thinking about eating it, yet again, for dinner.  Cue idea!  It already contains two of the ingredients found in chili. I think I will try adding beans and come up with a slightly altered version of the original recipe. If I add cheese and sour cream, it might pass as chili.  Here is how it turned out. Pretty good for a leftover dish, if I do say so myself!IMAG1429 (2)

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