Taste, touch, hear, smell and see

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy life. I have been convicted lately of not taking enough time to slow down to appreciate simple things.

Life has a way of speeding up into a chaotic frenzy and bubbling over into a meltdown from stress unless we hit the pause button or unplug our devices.

I am guilty the last nine months. We have had no vacations. Fall, winter, spring and now summer are quickly fading away. Why, you might ask.

Because, what began from our good intention of moving into a smaller home to downsize and simplify life has turned into a long drawn out stress-inducing list. There is an endless list of things to do when 1. selling an existing house and 2. building a new house. These things include but are not limited to :purchasing a lot, drawing up house plans, choosing a builder, packing, donating, pitching, staging, showing, meeting with subs, shopping for windows, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, creating wish lists, etc, etc, etc.

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! It must be noted that the Lord wants us to use our senses to experience His goodness( the other senses must be inferred as well.) Psalm 34:8

When was the last time I sat quietly just to listen to a beautiful symphonic piece of music or watched fireflies twinkle in the yard while listening to the sounds of crickets, or smelled the sweet scent of a rose after a summer rain that left its petals dappled with raindrops? Or savored a long quiet dinner at dusk on my back porch? Or run my hands through the leaves of a patch of rosemary and thyme then sniffed the lingering smell on my fingertips?

Here are a few images to help focus on the senses…..


Hear the tinkling and gurgling sound of water from a fountain.

Master Gardening1

Feel squishy dirt between my fingers while planting a flower in a pot.


Smell the sweet scent of roses in the garden.

Life is filled with challenges and I know that God allows things to happen one way or another for a reason but in all of it, we must still be willing to slow down to experience His goodness if we are to SURVIVE and THRIVE!


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