Feeling Especially Loved

I have been feeling a little sad and discouraged lately but on this Valentine’s Day, God sent me a special reminder of His love. I thought it was worth mentioning as a way to encourage others who may be struggling.

This morning, my husband surprised me by leaving some roses on the counter with a Valentine’s Day card before he left for work. Before opening his card I got busy signing the card that I had purchased for him and decided to embellish the envelope with some hearts. I was going to deliver the card with some candy to his office later in the day. I drew two hearts with arrows then entwined two more at the top to symbolize how the two became one. Moments later I opened his card to me and read a very similar sentiment as the card that I had sent him. It reiterated that no matter our ups and downs, together we would get through life. What amazed me was that two identical entwined hearts were found on the front of the card. At the office I showed Ken the two cards. We both were amazed over our Valentine’s Day miracle.

I sat down to do a little bookkeeping while I was there and clumsily spilled some coffee that I had brought on my red turtleneck sweater.  I got a paper towel, dampened it and began to blot out the spill to avoid a stain.  As I blotted and looked in the mirror, I saw the image of a heart forming on my sweater. I quickly took a photo with my phone to prove the evidence that not once but twice in the same day I had witnessed a miracle. I took these reaffirming signs to be a message directly from the heart of God that His love for me is real and is quite evident during times when I need it most.



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