Classified Ad for Singles

There is  a movie called “Must Love Dogs” that was popular in the last few years.  The story goes that a single person looking for love in the online dating world feels more comfortable with other singles that share a fondness for animals.  Our love seeker assumes if a date prospect loves animals, dogs in particular, they are more trustworthy because of their compassion for pets.

If someone is willing to care for an animal and all the inconvenience that is involved with owning a pet, they are more than likely an unselfish individual who is worthy of a relationship with another person. Owning a dog requires us to take walks outdoors in both wet and freezing elements when they are less than welcoming. It requires us to go to the vet when Rover is sick or when he needs to have a check-up. It can be expensive to buy heartworm medicine, or flea preventive which dogs need every month. Dogs require grooming. This is also expensive if your dog needs his fur coat cropped to avoid turning into a matted mop look-alike.  Dog owners who really deserve praise, attempt to bathe their creatures while getting an unintentional bath themselves  so that their indoor environment is more pleasant-smelling to bear. Pets need to be cared for if we want to take a vacation.  If we board them, this is also another expense we must be prepared to pay or we must impose on really good friends or family who are willing to help us out with Fido while we are gone. Not all dogs are small enough to fit into a backpack or purse which some pet owners insist is a must for pet ownership in order to take them everywhere.

In short, owning a pet is inconvenient.  Owning a cat is a bit easier since kitty can stay indoors to do his business and not bother his human to take him on walks. However, every cat owner knows that  litter box cleaning is not for the faint of heart.  I know because I have been the only one of my family brave enough to go inside the cat quarters, while holding my breath, when it is time to clean “the box.”

It is true that most animal lovers I have met have been good humans to know.  I would like to go one step further in saying that if I were to place a classified ad as a single looking for a caring person who is worth the risk, I would also  have to add “Must Love Children and Old People.”




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