Overcoming Evil With Good

This week, I have been the fortunate recipient of several unexpected gifts of goodwill. I was given five dollars while standing in a check out line at a local retail store. I was given the sale price a day early for a 12 pound turkey at the grocery store bringing the new price to just over $5. In the same store a week earlier, I was given a free boxed lunch because the packaging was unmarked.   Recently I also had my lunch paid for by another patron as I went through the drive through at Chick-fil-a.

I don’t know if people are making more of an effort to be kind to their fellow men because of recent incidents of violence and terrorism in our country. It does give me hope, however. This year at Christmas, we should emphasize to our children especially.” Yes, children there are still good people in the world.” Despite the rampant evil that is everywhere, keep doing acts of kindness to others. In so doing, we can overcome evil with good….as Paul admonishes Christians to do in Romans 12:21.

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