A Camellia Show


Here is a picture of the Fashionata Camellia that we won.

Last weekend my mother and I had the opportunity and privilege of attending a glorious display of prize-winning camellias in our community.  The show was sponsored by the Charlotte Camellia Society and  was located at the historic White House in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Every color combination of traditional camellia flowers were on display as well as a few rare varieties.  Colors ranged from pale white,  blush pink to fuchsia pink, and deep tones of red.  There were variegated species with peppermint candy striped flowers in combinations of  red and white or pink and white. Some of the prize blossoms measured over 5 inches in diameter. Smaller blossoms measuring only 2 inches in width also won prizes.  Some hybrids were created by  crossing  ruffled varieties with more commonly shaped camellia blossoms. The results were flowers with interesting ruffled centers. Some were grown in  protected greenhouse environments while others were grown outdoors.


These were some of the unusual hybridized flowers.


We entered a raffle contest as we began the tour.  To our delight and surprise, one of Mom’s tickets was drawn.  The type of camellia that she won is called Fashionata. Isn’t it stunning?Mom later said that she thinks God blessed her with a beautiful camellia to replace those she had given up at her former home that she had nurtured for years.  She gave it to me to plant in my yard since she doesn’t have a lot of room to grow plants at her condo. My husband planted it yesterday in a sheltered spot near our house a close distance from our bedroom window so that I can admire it.




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