The Season of Dormancy

100_3798There are seasons in life where we may feel weak and vulnerable, like there is nothing in us of any life-giving or creative value.  It is during those times when we need to draw from our heavenly Father to recharge and renew us.  Like a tree that has lost all of its leaves, we appear to have no life. We feel vulnerable to whatever the elements may throw at us. We bend and sway with the heavy winds.  We are weighed down by snow or ice with no foliage to offer us protection or defense.  But at those times when we may appear at our weakest, we have the unique opportunity to develop inner strength if we lean on God to uphold us through the storms of life.


I am reflecting on the season of dormancy as it relates to nature.  I am also going through a season where I feel very little desire to produce and create.  I am sapped of all energy and just want to curl up and withdraw.  I feel exposed and unattractive to the outside world.  I am reminded that there is a reason for this state in nature.  It is when a plant is at its weakest state that in fact it is strongest.  It is building up inner strength.  It is renewing and recharging and getting stronger every day until slowly, unexpectantly, one day it bursts forth with a sign of new life.  One peaking small bud proves there is life inside a mere dead being.  An inner beauty suddenly emerges as a butterfly from a cocoon.  Soon it will be in full display and reveal a breathtakingly beautiful creation that took months and much endurance to produce.


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