I heard a sermon today in church about how God has challenged people through the ages  to keep going and respond to His promptings or callings  throughout life. We need to face our fears for whatever is on the other side of fear is a blessing that we would have otherwise missed.   I was challenged by this message to keep trying to find outlets for my God-given passions and to keep stepping out in faith when I feel God has called me to do something. We have each been given gifts.  Gifts are meant to be given away. We are entering the season of gift giving and the time of year to especially be philanthropic. Some have the gift of encouragement that could be used to share kind words or prayers with those who are hurting. Some have a gift of writing and could write inspirational stories. Others with musical talents could play songs. Some have the ability to organize activities to physically bless those in need.  Whatever your gift, give it away.

I am a type A and have a very active mind so I have a hard time sitting still for long.  I want to let God use these desires for His glory to make my world better in some way and to reach out to others He sends along my path. I have a bucket list of sorts of things that I hope to achieve before I die.  Two ladies in my church shared near death experiences at a ladies’ meeting recently.  Since hearing their stories I have been more aware of the shortness of life and the importance of making a difference somehow while there is still time.  I want to leave a legacy for my children before my time runs out.  I want to allow the Lord to use my energies to be creative in some way, to voice what He has laid upon my heart, and to share my experiences so that I can be a blessing to someone else struggling along life’s journey while I still can.

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