My Training Is Almost Finished

Master Gardening1

Here I am potting some plants to help prepare for the Master Gardeners’ Spring Plant Sale.

Master Gardening2

Sunbonnet Sue working in a garden.

For anyone that has been following my blog, you are probably wondering what I have been up to since I haven’t been posting much lately.  I have been taking a class to become a Master Gardener. Right now I am referred to as an intern seedling.  We have had 10 classes so far and have 3 to go then the final.  We have had tests at the beginning of each class to cover the material from the previous week.  We have learned to identify about 30 plants by their leaves so far and have about 20 to go.  We have covered ALOT of information on pest management, fruit trees, landscaping design, turfgrass  installation, vegetable gardening, annuals, perennials, herbs, composting, mulching and tree pruning. We have had field trips to Black’s Peach Orchard, Glencairn Gardens, the vegetable garden at Anne Springs Close Farm as well as the garden at the Clemson Extension Office. It has been a challenging but fun journey.  Hopefully, I will graduate and receive my certificate next month.  I will keep you posted. Wish me success!

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