A Few Newly Adopted Babies

To a plant lover, tender new plants are just like babies.  We are excited when we see new signs of life. We nurture and care for them, watching them closely as they grow.


A Thanksgiving cactus and one that looks like a tail.


The one on the right is a jade plant.


These are hens and chicks.


These are bluish gray succulents of various types.

My handyman brought me some plant seedlings yesterday. His wife grows succulent plants of every imaginable variety. We have a common love of plants and have begun sharing starters with one another. I shared an aloe plant with her a few weeks ago.  She sent back to me several plants in a bag.  I have identified a Thanksgiving cactus starter, hens and chicks as well as a jade plant baby in the collection.

I love cacti and all types of succulents because they require little care, infrequent watering and do really well in the hot South Carolina climate.

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