Newly Discovered Gardening Haven





100_3438100_3439100_3441100_3442100_3447100_3449I recently discovered a gardening center in Charlotte, NC. It has been there awhile. I am surprised I didn’t know about it until now as I have lived in the area about 25 years. A master gardener at the garden tour in our town mentioned it to me.  It is called Roundtree Plantation and is well worth the trip if you are in town.

You will get a certain delight for your senses as you see  brilliantly colored flowers. The textures of different plants will amaze you. The scents of gardenia blossoms or confederate jasemine will lead you along garden paths where you will hear trickling sounds from fountains and amazing water features. The gardening displays are spectacular. You will find just about any plant on your home garden wish list but the whole sensory experience can not be beat.

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