Florida Gardens

During our Florida vacation, I took pictures of some tropical plants and flowers. Some I am familiar with and some I am not.


Here is a prickly pear cactus that was growing in my friends’ back yard. They gave me a piece to bring home. You can stick it in the ground and it should grow just about anywhere in the south.


These are bromeliads or air plants that do not need soil to grow. They were suspended on wire and made a great display at the Bok Tower Gardens museum.


Here is an unusual purplish colored orchid growing in a pot among some mondo grass.


This lovely blue flowering plant is called Lily of the Nile. I tried to grow one once and was unsucessful.  I think it prefers Florida’s climate.


In Florida, palms grow everywhere. There are many different varieties. Here is one growing beside a rather large elephant ear. I have tried these also but they can not survive frost.


Here is a mystery plant. It is some kind of vine, perhaps a variety of bougainvillea. Does anyone know what it is? It was very beautiful and I had never seen one before. You can see a yucca plant in the background.


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