Coming Down From The Clouds

It is difficult to literally come back down to earth after a weekend spent with our dear friends of 30 years.  We have grown and challenged each other throughout many of life’s journeys.  They know the good, the bad and the ugly about us and we know the same about them.  It is rare to have friends with whom you can be yourself and trust that when you are exposed they will still love you.

We met when we were  young parents in Maryland. We moved away when our oldest daughter was still an infant. First we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Naomi travelled the long eight hour trip with her daughter to visit us in our rental home.  We moved to Augusta, Georgia for a year then moved back to Rock Hill, South Carolina just south of Charlotte.  Paul and Naomi came to visit us in our new home when we had a new baby and many times since.

Through the years we have gone on trips together to the Biltmore Estate, Tweetsie Railroad and to Monticello in Virginia.  When they moved to Naperville,  Illinois I visited them at their new house.  When they moved to Lakeland, Florida we  visited them twice. It was nice that they were so close for us to take our children to Disneyworld.

They are in a different house now in Davenport, Florida. They are pastoring  a church in their community. What a treasure to be with them again and see them lead their congregation in fellowship and worship.

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