Enjoying The Fruits of My Labor


Miniature Red Roses


Yellow Knock Out Roses behind Mardi Gras abelia bushes


Purple ice plants


Double coreopsis


Spanish lavender


Red Knock Out Roses. I know they look pink.


The best part is getting to bring beautiful flowers in the house!

Well, it is officially HOT in South Carolina!  The temperatures have reached 86 degrees and the humidity level must be near that same number in percentage levels. I knew that it would happen sooner or later. That is the reason I scramble about planting like a crazy lady from the end of March until early May.

Now, the watering chore begins….but I really don’t mind it a bit.  It is fun to water the plants, inspecting them for flowers and new growth.

My roses are beginning to take off.  I have both yellow and red Knock Outs. I have coreopsis, scabiosa and  Spanish lavender blooming now.  The Stella D’oro daylilies have buds and are about to bloom.  I started some ice plants but it will take a season or so for them to spread out.  Soon the crepe myrtles will join in with their spectacular frilly blossoms of pink and red.

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