Trip To Southern Pines, North Carolina

I took a trip with my mother and daughter during the week of Easter to visit my aunt and uncle in Southern Pines, North Carolina.  We hadn’t seen them since my father’s funeral five years ago.  They are both in their eighties now but they still look amazingly young.  My uncle has been a golfer most of his life. That is why they live in this golfer’s paradise.

There are seven golf courses in the area. Five are owned by one wealthy family.  My uncle told us that is costs about $425 to play a single round on one course. The area is spectacular with all its well-manicured courses.  We were there just before the azaleas and dogwoods were about to bloom so just missed seeing Southern Pines at its peak.


The Carolina Hotel

100_3187100_3184  We did get to go on a tour of the surrounding area.  My uncle and aunt drove us by The Carolina Hotel.  They let us go inside. It was well worth the trip to see this beautiful hotel that was built around 1895 in Pinehurst.  Even though we don’t play golf, to stay in this grand hotel would be a dream.  We took several photos inside the lobby.

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