Fabulous Tea Party


This table was called Fairy Garden. You probably can’t see it but there are little fairies going into the treehouse.


This table was decorated for the state of South Carolina. A yellow Carolina Jessimine plant was the centerpiece of the table. The table was decorated in blue and white like the state flag with the palmetto tree.


This table was called the Fruits of the Spirit and was decorated with a fruit theme as both the centerpiece and the dishes.


This table was decorated with a garden theme. I loved the green placemats, the green and white dishes and the rabbit motifs.


A close-up of the cute rabbit figure as the centerpiece of the garden table.


The table where I was sitting was decorated in an ocean theme. It was adorned with lots of seashells, netting, a blue tablecloth and gold rimmed white china. My nametag was placed on a pier post fashioned out of dowel pieces tied with string.

A dear friend took me to a tea party today at a local church.  It was the best display of tea settings I have ever seen.  There were the usual tea tables with beautiful china and  flower arrangements as their centerpiece.  However, there were also some very unusual tables that were beautifully decorated as well.  I decided to take pictures of the most unique tea table decorations. This is the fifth year that the church has held the ladies’ tea. It is a wonderful ministry to women in the community each year. It is a special day to make women feel pampered.  It was wonderful to get such royal treatment.  Having owned a tea room years ago and having served at a women’s tea for my own church,  I know how much work goes into such an event.  Well done ladies!

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