A Terrible Way To Lose Weight

I have had time to ponder “things” this past week as I was sick with a stomach ailment. I believe it was food poisoning, more specifically, salmonella, from all I could read about it based on my symptoms.  I will spare you the details of the horrible condition. However, I will tell you that I had severe nausea, abdominal pain that was worse than labor contractions and stomach rumblings that sounded like Mount Vesuvius about to blow.  I lived in the bathroom and could not hold down more than clear fluid for three LONG days. Now on day five, I have begun to eat normal food again. It feels wonderful to be alive. The good thing is that I am five pounds lighter. However, that was a terrible way to go about losing weight!

I realize that I have not had many posts with pictures lately and this may seem a little boring. I am thinking of some spring time ideas so bear with me.

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