Lessons on Purity

I have been challenged by some lessons on purity this past week.  I went to see the movie “Old Fashioned”. It was released opposite the very raunchy “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  A better title would be “Fifty Shades of Red” to warn  the viewer of the embarrassment or amount of blushing that they  will experience while watching the film. I didn’t observe it first hand fortunately, but am going on what I have been told.  On the flip side, “Old Fashioned”  is the story of two people who have had a sordid past but find God and vow to stay pure until marriage. Their relationship is built on their purity commitment. My favorite line in  the movie is “The world is full of much greatness but not enough goodness.” This is so true. We need more heroes who are selfless and aren’t seeking accolades for themselves.

I also watched the wedding of Jill Duggar on television last night. I applaud her and her husband Derek for staying pure until marriage.  They did not kiss during their engagement but only held hands. They always had chaperones with them while they were together so that they would not succumb to temptation.  They have been criticized for their old-fashioned dating philosophies but I think they should be applauded.  They are an example to this society of godly standards in premarital purity.

I am proud to be an old-fashioned girl.  I am a Christian and try to uphold moral convictions.  I was raised to believe that marriage is sacred and we are to respect God, ourselves and our future spouses enough to save ourselves for marriage.

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