The Red Bird


Here is Mr. Red Bird. He posed for a picture outside my office window today.

A strange but wonderful thing has been happening at my husband’s office the last few months.  Ken has noticed a red bird or cardinal with its mate outside his window on a regular basis.  I go in to work twice a week. When I am there I have seen those birds perched in the tree outside my office window next to Ken’s. They sit there for a long time as if they are making sure that I notice them.  It is strange because we do not have a bird feeder outside. None of the neighbors have feeders either.  It is even more curious because there is a cat that lives under a deserted building next door and he is often on the prowl.  Most birds would be scared away by his ominous presence.

There is a legend about the visitation of cardinals. The story goes that if one gets visits from a cardinal, it is a sign that a loved one who has passed away is near in spirit. I lost my daddy almost five years ago.  I think of him often when I hear music as he was a classical musician.  He was an animal lover too.  I would like to think that he is with me when I see God’s beautiful creatures. When red birds appear during the Christmas holidays and near my birthday in February they especially remind me of my daddy who gave me love gifts on those special days. What a comfort it is to think he is with me again and is celebrating my life while he is in heaven.

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