One Project Leads To Another


Chair with new ottoman in my bedroom. I may still paint the legs of the ottoman  to match the chair.


Chair with new ottoman in living room.

I previously posted that my husband and I spent the better part of last weekend rearranging bedroom furniture.  We had benches at the end of the beds previously but they did not work for the new arrangement.  I decided to recover one to match my wing chair more closely and the other I relocated to the living room to go with a chair in there.

I visited two stores looking for fabric.  I decided on an aqua-grey taffeta for the living room ottoman. It was on sale.  I always try to find bargains.  The chair in the bedroom was recovered by a decorator about a year ago in a rust-colored corduroy chenille.  I could not find anything to closely match it but thought perhaps that my decorator friend might still have some of the fabric.  When I spoke to her, I was surprised to learn that she was getting rid of some old inventory the same day that I phoned.  She still had some of the fabric but was about to get rid of it.  I was so glad that I caught her when I did and was prompted to give her a call.  Here are some of the finished results. I am happy how they turned out.

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