Unexpected Blessing

Today was a dreary, rainy Monday.  I was doing my best to get some shopping done quickly so that I could get back home. I popped into a local Hancock Fabrics store. I was trying to find samples of fabric to match a chair in my bedroom. I want to recover an ottoman to match the chair. There was a lady looking at fabric in the area where I was looking.  She was very sweet and friendly.  She made sure that the store clerk waited on me before herself. I noticed by the sparkle in her eyes that she was of a “kindred” spirit. You just know. As I was waiting in line to check out, I noticed that another clerk was opening up to her about having to attend a funeral later in the day. She hugged her. The clerk seemed impressed that someone took time to show her that she cared. I made small talk with this dear woman as she got in line behind me.  She warmly handed me a card and said that she met with a group of ladies at her house to share scriptures every week.

I left the store feeling that God had blessed me when I had least expected it. He is so good. He knows when we need reminders of His love for us.

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