Rearranging Furniture


This was my bedroom a while back. I have different bedspreads now but had the beds in front of the windows until yesterday.

I rearranged my bedroom furniture yesterday.  Although I am sore today, I must say it feels good to get a new perspective. It is good to get rid of some growing dust bunnies that were well-hidden under the furniture.  My husband and I have had a “difference of opinion” for some time over the placement of the furniture in our room.  Our beds, yes we have two, were blocking the lower part of floor to ceiling style windows. There are only two long walls in our bedroom and although it is a large room, it has made it challenging as to the placement of the furniture. I convinced my husband to let me put up a shade instead of plantation shutters along one wall so that I could get an unhindered view of our yard.  He has not been happy with the shade as it still does not block enough sunlight in the early morning.  That’s right, the old man-cave versus woman-cloud dilemma.

Well, I surprised him with the change last night and I must say that he took it better than I had expected.  I told him I would agree to put the plantation shutters back up if he would let me keep the new arrangement since I now have access to light from all three windows. Bribery tactics or I would rather refer to them as favor exchanges sometimes work when it comes to peace in marriage.

Will be posting more updated photos of my bedroom.  It is a work in progress.  One change always leads to another.  I have been playing with rearranging pictures and have not decided on the final arrangement yet.

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