Creative Challenge

Some people are so creative! They are forever coming up with new artistic projects. Watching them both convicts and exhausts me.  My creative juices have ebbs and flows.  I have to take breaks in between projects.  I hope that I am not alone in this.  I thought I would write a post about encouraging each other to stay creative.

Sometimes our projects are small. We don’t have to take on big projects like painting a whole room or a large piece of furniture to feel we have accomplished something.  As long as we continue to create even in small ways but finish a project, that is what counts.  What was the last creative project you started and finished?

I will start off to help you with some ideas…  Yesterday, I took my camera to the drugstore and made prints of photos that had been stored on my memory card for way too long.  I have begun an album so that I won’t get years behind.  Now at least, I am up to date with my family photos.

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