Coffee With A Friend

I had some coffee with a good friend this morning.  We try to get together on a fairly regular basis to just catch up and encourage one another.  It is always so uplifting when we get together.  It helps to know that we are not alone in the struggles of life.  We have prayed for each other a lot through the years and this past year has been no exception as each of us have faced fairly stressful financial and health issues.

I have a little plaque in my house that reads “Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.” This is so true.  God sends messengers in different forms.  They can be complete strangers or those we know well but He speaks to us through others.  The bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:10 that two are better than one, for if one falls, the other will help him up. But pity the man who has no one to help him up. We100_3050 so need one another.  Thank God for friends.

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