Displaying My Old Quilt

100_3029100_3031I finally finished my quilt displaying project.  I set up the old wooden ladder against a prominent wall in our guest room.  I folded the quilt in fourths to get it to lay just right.  I like that the colors blend so nicely with my room already but I must say I am getting tired of the white walls in there and want to paint it one day. However, with 10 foot or more ceilings in places and old beam rafters it would be quite a challenge. This would not be an undertaking for an amateur like me or my husband.  Any suggestions? I have thought of painting only the two opposite eight foot high walls or putting a molding strip at the eight foot level all the way around and stopping the paint there.

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  1. Have you thought of opening your quilt fully and hanging it up for colour? If you were to paint, just paint a feature wall – the one behind the bed. Not too daunting but still a good punch.


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