Learning From Pollyanna

I watched an old Disney movie last night.  Some of you probably remember Pollyanna. It starred Hayley Mills,  a favorite child star from the 60s.  While it may have been a children’s movie, it had a theme that is appropriate for all ages:  we must learn to keep a positive attitude no matter what troubles we face in life.  Pollyanna learned from her missionary father who had passed away to play  “the glad game” and to find something good about every situation. Adversity is a part of life.  It will come to all of us at some time or another.  What is more important is how we react to situations of life rather than the journey itself. In other words, attitude is everything.

It is a common theme throughout scripture to keep the faith and to set our sights on heaven, what is eternal instead of what is temporal.  James 1:2 states “My brethren count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptation knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”  It is not too popular to talk about the difficulties of life.  We want to  think that life will be easy and trouble free but to handle it with joy or gladness seems inconceivable.  How can we embrace a tough road with gladness? The only way is to focus on life from an eternal perspective realizing that God is at work in us no matter what the situation. He is with us each step of the journey.  We must realize how fortunate we are to be alive each day and try to make the most of it by being a blessing to others through positive attitudes.

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