Shopping To Calm The Blues

Do you go shopping when you are sad?  I have realized that I buy things on impulse when I am feeling depressed.  This is not too big of a problem for me but I have been going through my closets lately and have wondered what I was thinking that caused me to purchase certain items.  Some clothing that I have purchased is too big or too small but I bought it anyway. These things will have to go.  Some items have a rather bold color or uncharacteristic style for me. They won’t make the cut either.  I must have been pretending to be a teenager or was trying to look like one when I purchased them.

I have learned to always try things on before deciding to buy them. Some stores wisely play mood music to make you happy no matter what you are trying on and this often entices you to make bolder choices than you normally would. Clothing stores also use skinny mannikins to display outfits that look very stylish, but what that doesn’t tell you is that it only looks good on that particular body type.

I do like to look put-together.  Clothes have always helped me feel better about my appearance when I have struggled with self-esteem.  I try not to spend a lot of money on my clothing. I love to bargain shop and I am not above buying things from second-hand or thrift stores, whether they are decorative items for my home or clothing items. However, I am learning to only purchase the basics and avoid extra fluff.  If I buy jeans that I know fit me well and look slimming, I will wear them until they have holes in them. I should only wear pops of color, a colorful accessory or t-shirt so that I won’t stand out and inevitably feel uncomfortable. I can look stylish without looking like I am trying too hard to impress or look younger.  God whispers to me that He makes me beautiful from the inside out. What  truly matters is pleasing Him in how I dress and in what I purchase.

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