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Coffee With A Friend

I had some coffee with a good friend this morning.  We try to get together on a fairly regular basis to just catch up and encourage one another.  It is always so uplifting when we get together.  It helps to know that we are not alone in the struggles of life.  We have prayed for each other a lot through the years and this past year has been no exception as each of us have faced fairly stressful financial and health issues.

I have a little plaque in my house that reads “Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.” This is so true.  God sends messengers in different forms.  They can be complete strangers or those we know well but He speaks to us through others.  The bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:10 that two are better than one, for if one falls, the other will help him up. But pity the man who has no one to help him up. We100_3050 so need one another.  Thank God for friends.

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Trip To Ridgeway, South Carolina


Ridgeway water tower


Antiques on display in a storefront window.


Kitties on stairway in tea room.


My surprise visit with the queen.

My husband and I enjoyed another sunny Saturday touring or driving around some backwoods towns of South Carolina. My husband is a real estate appraiser and needed to take some pictures of a property out in the country.  I went along for the ride to Ridgeway. It is a quaint town and takes you back in time.  There are a couple antique stores.  One sells an unusual collection of oddities.  The shop owner had a large display of antique dolls when I was there but she says she constantly changes her inventory.  There is a cafe in a restored old gas station as well as a wonderful tea room on Main Street.  For such a small town there is a surprising variety of sights of interest.  You must however, visit the stores before 2 pm on a Saturday for they close early. Continue reading

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Displaying My Old Quilt

100_3029100_3031I finally finished my quilt displaying project.  I set up the old wooden ladder against a prominent wall in our guest room.  I folded the quilt in fourths to get it to lay just right.  I like that the colors blend so nicely with my room already but I must say I am getting tired of the white walls in there and want to paint it one day. However, with 10 foot or more ceilings in places and old beam rafters it would be quite a challenge. This would not be an undertaking for an amateur like me or my husband.  Any suggestions? I have thought of painting only the two opposite eight foot high walls or putting a molding strip at the eight foot level all the way around and stopping the paint there.

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Learning From Pollyanna

I watched an old Disney movie last night.  Some of you probably remember Pollyanna. It starred Hayley Mills,  a favorite child star from the 60s.  While it may have been a children’s movie, it had a theme that is appropriate for all ages:  we must learn to keep a positive attitude no matter what troubles we face in life.  Pollyanna learned from her missionary father who had passed away to play  “the glad game” and to find something good about every situation. Adversity is a part of life.  It will come to all of us at some time or another.  What is more important is how we react to situations of life rather than the journey itself. In other words, attitude is everything.

It is a common theme throughout scripture to keep the faith and to set our sights on heaven, what is eternal instead of what is temporal.  James 1:2 states “My brethren count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptation knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”  It is not too popular to talk about the difficulties of life.  We want to  think that life will be easy and trouble free but to handle it with joy or gladness seems inconceivable.  How can we embrace a tough road with gladness? The only way is to focus on life from an eternal perspective realizing that God is at work in us no matter what the situation. He is with us each step of the journey.  We must realize how fortunate we are to be alive each day and try to make the most of it by being a blessing to others through positive attitudes.

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Shopping To Calm The Blues

Do you go shopping when you are sad?  I have realized that I buy things on impulse when I am feeling depressed.  This is not too big of a problem for me but I have been going through my closets lately and have wondered what I was thinking that caused me to purchase certain items.  Some clothing that I have purchased is too big or too small but I bought it anyway. These things will have to go.  Some items have a rather bold color or uncharacteristic style for me. They won’t make the cut either.  I must have been pretending to be a teenager or was trying to look like one when I purchased them.

I have learned to always try things on before deciding to buy them. Some stores wisely play mood music to make you happy no matter what you are trying on and this often entices you to make bolder choices than you normally would. Clothing stores also use skinny mannikins to display outfits that look very stylish, but what that doesn’t tell you is that it only looks good on that particular body type.

I do like to look put-together.  Clothes have always helped me feel better about my appearance when I have struggled with self-esteem.  I try not to spend a lot of money on my clothing. I love to bargain shop and I am not above buying things from second-hand or thrift stores, whether they are decorative items for my home or clothing items. However, I am learning to only purchase the basics and avoid extra fluff.  If I buy jeans that I know fit me well and look slimming, I will wear them until they have holes in them. I should only wear pops of color, a colorful accessory or t-shirt so that I won’t stand out and inevitably feel uncomfortable. I can look stylish without looking like I am trying too hard to impress or look younger.  God whispers to me that He makes me beautiful from the inside out. What  truly matters is pleasing Him in how I dress and in what I purchase.

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A Fun Day Antiquing


Here is a framed needlework sampler that I found to add to my collection.


Here is a cute little metal jewelry stand. There are lots of holes in the lines of the skirt to hang the earrings that I make. It would be great for another craft show display.


The wooden ladder will be perfect to drape my quilt over against a tall wall in our guest room.

My husband and I explored  an antique mall that was new to us yesterday.  When Saturdays are cold or wintry we like to ride in the car looking for antique stores in our region.  We have discovered the best ones within a 50 mile radius. This one was in Belmont, North Carolina and is called the Catawba Antique Mall.  The warehouse contained over  88,000 square feet of booth spaces.  Vendors displayed rustic, retro, french inspired and repurposed antiques. Whatever your taste in decor, you could find almost anything you like. It was amazing! Here are my finds.  The best item was a wooden ladder that I plan on using to display my newly restored quilt. Upon my restoration expert’s advice, I will spray paint it first with an acrylic spray to avoid any discoloration from the wood onto the fabrics. Stay tuned for the finished results.


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My Quilt Is Finally Finished

I went with my mother to pick up the old family quilt today.  For those who have been following my blog, you will remember that I took a tattered old quilt to be restored in the fall of 2013. You can see the before and after pictures to see how much work was done to the quilt from the salvaged old remnants.

I called the quilt shop numerous times throughout its progress to find out how it was coming along. I had to be patient for quilting takes a long time and is very tedious work. Finally, after Christmas I found out that it was ready.

My mother and I were very excited to see the finished work as well as gain some new insights into our family’s history.The transformation is amazing. There were paper scraps from old letters sewn into the back of the quilt. These were saved for me. You can see that I have been trying to sort the letter scraps by handwriting. Some of the dates I found were from 1945 through 1951 so the quilting was done over a span of several years by my great, great aunt.100_3006100_3007100_3009100_3010100_3013

Many thanks to Diane at  QBee Quilts in Charlotte, North Carolina.  You did an outstanding job!

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