Disappearing Christmas Cards

Each year I have noticed that I receive less and less Christmas cards. As of this year, I have received three….and two are from family members.  It is not a criticism, so don’t feel bad. It is just an observation.  I have not fretted over it because I have not sent out as many in recent years either.  The cost of cards plus the increasing cost of postage has eliminated the practice for some.  Others probably feel less inclined because of their concerns over paper waste and have resorted to e-cards or greetings through social media.  However, I have begun to realize that it is mostly because of a change in our culture.  It is discouraging to realize that we are not as connected to other people as we used to be.  We are guilty of staying in little cubicles at work and putting imaginary bubbles around ourselves when we are in the public. Our so-called “social” interactions through the media are increasingly shutting us off from the rest of the world.  What can we do to become more social creatures, warm up to our fellow man and break the pattern of distrust and isolation?

Sending Christmas cards is just one way we can reach out to others. It is something tangible that can be seen and touched…more of a connection than a quickly deleted message.  Service men, the elderly or disabled people who don’t get out much especially look forward to hearing from people around the holidays. It is the most lonely time of year for many.  If at no other time of year, surely at Christmas time they should receive gestures of remembrance and love.

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