Christmas Babies

Christmas babies are a blessing.  Both of my children were supposed to be born in January but came in December. My daughter was almost three weeks premature.  We were struggling financially that year.  I remember we couldn’t even afford a Christmas tree so we went out in the woods to cut a tree down.  Her birth was a miracle and made Christmas time especially meaningful when we would have otherwise been quite discouraged. Four years later our son came at another crucial time in life for us. My husband had lost his father that spring. He was training as an apprentice in real estate appraising after having been laid off from a government job.  Again, we were quite down and discouraged. When our son was born, God gave us new hope and enthusiasm for life.  My husband got his first big paycheck in the mail as an independent contractor while I was in the hospital with our son. Our financial state began to improve on the day he was born.

Our children sometimes woe the fact that they were Christmas babies because the celebrations for their birthdays are downplayed during that time of year. I have tried my best to make their birthdays special.  I began the tradition of putting up two trees in our home. One is our Christmas tree where we gather Christmas gifts for each other.  We call the other our birthday tree under which we place birthday gifts for our children. We have had birthday parties of all sorts for the children over the years. When they were little we had scavenger hunts, sleepovers, gone shopping in the mall, had skating parties, craft making parties, parties at Celebration Station and a bowling party. We had themes from Little Mermaid, Lion King, Toy Story, G.I Joe, Barbie and Pirates of the Carribean.

It may be hard to have a birthday around Christmas time but I always tell my children that apart from Jesus they were the best Christmas presents that the Lord ever gave me.

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