Meaningful Christmas Traditions

100_2942100_2945100_2950100_2955There are many traditions that we partake in during the Christmas season.  We may not always know why we include them in our festivities.  I have begun making a conscious effort in my home to continue traditions that have the most meaning and are symbolic of my Christian faith. I want to share with you a few of those meaningful traditions.

The use of candles represent the star of Bethlehem or may have been used during Advent to symbolize Jesus as the light of the world.

Candy canes are shaped like a “J” to represent the name of Jesus or the shepherd’s hook.  White represents the purity of Christ and red stripes are for his blood that was shed on the cross for our sins.

Chrismons are symbols of Christ. They are typically decorations on Christmas trees in churches. They are meant to remind us that we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  They usually are either white or gold.  Some examples of the chrismon symbols include crosses which symbolize his death on the cross, stars which symbolize the star of Bethlehem, crowns which symbolize that Jesus is King, keys which symbolize that He has given us the keys to the kingdom and we are to share the good news with the world, angels who told the shepherds of Jesus’ birth, or hearts which symbolize that God is love.

The decorations on my Christmas tree contain some of these symbols.

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